What Is CFM?

When you begin to compare rangehoods for a new construction, a kitchen remodelling project or to replace an existing range hood, you’re sure to run across the term “CFM.” CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and is related to how powerful a particular rangehood is. Understanding what a CFM is and what it really means in terms of a range hood’s performance will help you select the right model for your kitchen.

How many CFM’s do I need?

If you aren’t sure about how many CFM’s you need for your rangehood, the following information will help guide you in your final decision:

  • The CFM rating of a rangehood is an indicator of how effective the model is at removing fumes and smoke from kitchens.
  • The higher the CFM rating, the more powerful the range hood is. Models with higher CFM ratings remove more fumes and smoke than ones with lesser CFM ratings.
  • For gas stoves, the rule for determining the minimum CFM rating is 1 CFM for every 100 BTUs (British Thermal Units) that the stove emits. For example, if your stove has a BTU rating of 15,000, you would need a range hood with a CFM rating of 150 or more.
  • The type of cooking that you do will also determine the ideal CFM rating for your kitchen. If you cook frequently and often use oil, water or very pungent ingredients, you should select a range hood with a CFM rating of at least 350.

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