What to Do When Your Electric Oven Fails

Although we hope it will never happen to you, sudden electric oven failure is an extremely common problem. There’s nothing more frustrating than switching your oven on to preheat only to find that nothing happens, or worse, opening your oven to check on something you’re baking or roasting and feel that the oven is cold. If your oven suddenly stopped working, a number of problems may be to blame.

In the event that you experience an oven failure, there are a few steps that you can take to try and diagnose the problem yourself.

1. When you realize that your oven is not hot, check to see if the unit has any power at all.  With new models, you can usually see right away if the digital display is lit on the front. For an older oven with no power light, you will need to look inside and see if the metal tubes appear orange. If your oven does have power, the failure is due to one of the oven’s parts malfunctioning or breaking completely.

2. A complete failure is usually caused by a disruption in the oven’s electrical supply. You can start by checking your breaker box at home to see if it was accidentally tripped by a surge in power. If so, resetting the breaker should get your oven working again; however, you may wish to have your oven checked to ensure that there is no problem with the appliance that caused the power surge.

3. Older electric ovens contain their own fuses, which can become blown without your main breaker tripping. If the breakers are fine, but your oven has no power, the internal fuse may need replacing.

If your oven has suddenly failed, contact us at Matic Service. We can schedule an appointment to come out and examine your oven to determine the exact cause of the problem. Most of the time, we can have your oven up and running again on the same day as your appointment.