Why is my Fridge Freezing my Food?

Refrigerators can be temperamental appliances. While newer models have sophisticated ways of regulating temperatures, you may also find yourself confronted with the quirks of an older or inefficient refrigerator system such as cold spots and frozen lettuce leaves. Here we share our top four tips for finding and fixing the source of your problem.

1. Check the Temperature

Ideally, your fridge should be set at a temperature of 3-5 degrees Celsius. You can use a fridge thermometer to monitor and control the temperature of your fridge. Leave the thermometer in overnight and check the temperature in the morning. If your fridge contains a temperature dial, the quickest fix might be simply adjusting the number on the dial to a warmer temperature.

2. Check Vents for Blockages

Some fridges contain a cooling mechanism that transfers air from the freezer into the fridge through a vent. An item in your fridge may be blocking this vent, which will disturb the flow of air through the fridge and may alter the temperature. Simply remove the item to get your fridge to a stable temperature.

3. Clean the Compressor and Condenser Coils

Sometimes, the compressor and condenser coils can become clogged with dirt, resulting in inefficient temperature controls. If you are comfortable vacuuming and cleaning your coils with warm soapy water, this may help. Otherwise, call an expert appliance repairs specialist to do it for you.

Additionally, ensure that your fridge is not too close to the wall: this allows your condenser coils and fan to function more efficiently.

4. Check for Soggy Fruit and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have high water content.  For best results, keep them in the crisper, a special drawer designated for such products that sits at the bottom of your fridge.

If the crisper is full, place your fruit and vegetables on the shelves closest to the doors. Cold air and moisture descends along the rear wall of your fridge, making it unsuitable for preserving fruit and vegetables.

If your fridge continues to freeze food despite your troubleshooting efforts, talk to a fridge repair specialist at Matic Service. Our accredited appliance repairs team is based in Sydney. Phone us on (02) 9709 6188 for advice or a quote.