Why is My Refrigerator Humming?

All appliances make noise from time to time. Whether it’s while the machine is being used, like washing machines or dishwashers, or while it’s just sitting there, plugged up, like refrigerators, some noises are normal. Usually, there isn’t anything seriously going on, but if you suspect there to be a serious enough problem to warrant having a repair person to come and check it out, don’t hesitate to place a service call right away.

What makes a fridge hum?

Refrigerators have a fan in the back of the unit that helps it cool down as needed. If you will listen closely, you can hear the fan cycle on and off while it’s blowing cool air. This is perfectly normal. However, there are times when your refrigerator may start to hum or make a distinctive noise that tells you it may not be doing something that’s typical.

What does a normal ‘hum’ sound like?

A low, steady hum is normal in most cases. The compressor motor in the back of the appliance causes it to turn off when the thermostat trips, signaling that the appliance has cooled back down. However, when or if there is a blockage in front of the motor where sufficient air cannot get through, the motor will not shut off at all, causing a distinctively loud humming noise that doesn’t’ go away or progressively gets louder.

Addressing abnormal loud humming noises

To make sure there aren’t any cleaning issues that could be causing a humming problem, make it a point on occasion to do a light cleaning on the condenser coils that are located behind the refrigerator. The refrigerator condenser coils help regulate the temperature of the appliance, which allows it to stay cool as needed. Since these refrigerator coils output heat, they can also attract other things like dirt and dust. If the coils become covered with dust, the quality of the appliance is diminished because the internal fan cannot get the air that it needs to shut the motor off.

You can remove any loose dust or dirt with the narrow end of a vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment on or by using a refrigerator condenser brush. However, if you simply brush away the debris, there’s a chance that it could find its way back to the coils again. You should vacuum across the coils using a sweeping motion until the coils are dust-free. Be careful not to scrub or pierce the coils in any way.

Another thing you can do to eliminate humming sounds is to clean the refrigerator grill that’s located at the bottom in the front of the unit. Usually these grills snap on and off for easy access, but always use care when doing this so you won’t break off any parts of the appliance. Once you remove the grill, use a vacuum to clear away any dust particles and then snap the grill back on securely.

Still humming?

If you are still experiencing loud humming noises with your refrigerator, call our expert technicians on 9709 6188 to schedule a service.