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Here at Matic service we understand that a broken down appliance can really wreck your day, and sometimes you just don’t have the funds to cover a service fee. But help is here!!

Before you book in a call, it may be worth conducting a few easy checks.

Unfortunately, it’s these little things that get over looked and you, the customer, will end up kicking yourself once our tech points them out.

Below we’ve listed some helpful tips on how to D.I.Y!

• Oven D.I.Y Repairs

• Washing Machine D.I.Y Repairs

• Dishwasher D.I.Y Repairs

• FAQ’s: Defrosting My Fridge??

• How to get rid or a bad smell in your dishwasher

• How to load your front loader washer?

• Oven Temperature??

• Do I need to pre-rinse my dishes?

• Help my washer is walking around the Laundry!!!

• I think my Fridge is dying!! HELP!

• I think my washing machine is dying!! HELP!

• My Dishwasher Has flooded my Kitchen!!

If these handy hints don’t help to solve your problem, your appliance just may need some extra TLC.

So Contact Us today and we’ll send a tech to get your appliance up and running fast.

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