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My oven won’t turn on?

Check the time clock has not been set to auto position. This can sometimes happen when the mains power has tripped, usually after blackouts & storms. All new houses have to have an isolating switch, they are usually located above the bench top or adjacent to the oven check it has not been turned off. If that’s fine, double check the “Oven” circuit  switch in the fuse box. Your oven should be on its own circuit at the main switchboard.

If all these are fine contact Matic for service.

My Ovens not heating?

Check that the door is sitting flush. Make sure the hinges are in good working order & the door seals are clean. See if you can hear the fan working. If these are all ok, its sounds like it maybe an element issue, if that’s the case contact Matic for a service.

We recommend you frequently clean your oven. Here in our show room, we have the required chemicals and cleaning products you need to make cleaning your oven a breeze. We also recommend a service and an electrical safety check to be conducted every 2 years to keep it in good working order.

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