5 Warning Stove Warning Signs Not to Ignore

While age can sometimes make a perfectly safe stove perform differently, all too often people ignore warning signs that indicate a serious or potentially dangerous problem is occurring with their appliances. By recognising these warning signs, you can schedule stove repairs and possibly prevent injury or accidents. Here are five signs your stove may require expert repairs:

1. The stovetop is hot, but you are not cooking and have not recently used the stove.
If you put your hand on a range and feel heat at any time other than while cooking or soon after, there could be a severe problem with your appliance.

2. You can see exposed wires anywhere on your electric stove.
If the protective covering has become worn on the wires that lead to the burners or connect the stove to the wall, discontinue use of the appliance until it can be fixed by an expert. When exposed, wires connecting to your stove can create a serious fire hazard.

3. Your burners smoke, even after they are thoroughly cleaned.
This could be an indication that food or debris has become lodged in an out-of-sight area, where it could pose a risk of fire. Inspect your stove and remove any visible debris. If you cannot safely access the elements, discontinue the use of that stove top until it can be serviced professionally by an experienced technician.

4. The knobs on your stove wiggle or are loose.

You never want to find yourself in a situation where your stove is on and the knob breaks or comes off, leaving you unable to turn off the appliance. Get loose knobs checked out and replaced as soon as you notice them by your manufacturer, or via your technician.

5. If you experience eye, nose, throat or ear irritation when you use your gas stove.

You may be experiencing a gas leak. Discontinue using your stove immediately until the appliance can be inspected by a professional.

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