Is Your Dryer Burning Your Clothes?

Have you noticed an unpleasant burning smell coming from your clothes dryer, or been dismayed to pull partly burnt clothing from the dryer at the end of the cycle? If you’ve answered ‘yes’, there are a few signs to detect that your clothes dryer might not be working in an optimal fashion.

1. A Burning Smell

If the air is filled with a burning smell while the clothes dryer is operating, cleaning or replacing the lint filter after a cycle may solve the problem.

It is recommended that the lint filter be replaced once per year. Running a dryer repeatedly with a blocked or damaged lint filter could lead to the need for further cleaning or appliance repairs.

2. Burnt Clothing

If you notice scorch marks on your clothing, there may be damage or blockages to other parts of your dryer, such as the heating element, vent, housing, or drum glides. Should the heating coils malfunction, this could also lead to hotter temperatures. For safety purposes, it is highly recommended that you consider an inspection or have professional technicians repair the appliance.

3. Thorough Cleaning

When your clothes dryer is inspected and cleaned, the main purpose is to remove excessive lint and debris from all parts of the machine. This helps to avoid fire hazards and improves efficiency. If you decide to hire a professional to clean your clothes dryer, they will remove the machine from the wall if necessary, dismantle it to make sure the clean is thorough, and put it back together again.

Additional Clothes Dryer Safety Tips:

• When running a clothes dryer, choose the optimal heat setting for your load. This might be a lower heat setting for certain fabrics.
• Avoid placing wire or metal items in the dryer. The usual culprits are keys, coins, and safety pins.
• Create a flow of air in the drying room by opening doors or windows, especially when the Sydney temperatures get hot and humid.
• Empty the lint trap on a regular basis, and replace it according to the user manual’s recommendation.
• If your problems don’t go away, consider consulting a professional who will repair your clothes dryer.

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