Top 6 Popular Dryer Programs

Image: Scott Schram

Modern clothes dryers come with a variety of special programs, each of which is designed for a specific task. Often when we visit homes to make dryer repairs, we discover that customers are unaware of what many of these programs do. To help you get the most out of your dryer, we’ve put together this list of six common dryer programs.

1. Permanent Press

This dryer setting runs for slightly longer than other types and has a cool down period at the end. The purpose of permanent press is to help clothes that are designed to be wrinkle-free dry smooth and crisp. Keep in mind that only some types of clothing actually benefit from permanent press, making it important to check the labels.

2. Quick Dry

This program uses very high heat to speed up the drying process. Using the setting too often can shorten the life of clothes, so save for it occasions when you truly can’t wait for the normal drying time.

3. Steam

Some dryers have the ability to steam clothes, removing wrinkles and leaving fabrics looking and smelling fresher.

4. Sanitation

The sanitation program is designed to eliminate more microbes than standard dryer settings. This program is ideal during allergy season and when members of your household are sick.

5. Eco-Cycle

This setting reduces the amount of energy used to run the dryer; however, it can take longer for clothing to dry when you use this setting.

6. Delicates

This low setting is designed for fragile clothing that can be damaged by high heat.

If you notice that any of the programs on your dryer don’t work as they should, book a service with Matic Service. Our technicians are fully trained to diagnose and make necessary repairs on most popular models of dryers.