What is a Sone Rating on a Rangehood?

When you’re shopping for a rangehood, you’ll be introduced to a wide range of new terms. While some of them may be very technical and not as necessary to understand for the everyday person, the term “sone” is one you’ll want to know about before you make a purchase.

The sone measurement is a rating to tell you how loud the rangehood is. When turned on, all rangehoods produce some amount of noise as they work to pull fumes and vapours out of the kitchen. The sone rating lets you know just how loud you can expect a particular rangehood to be when it’s running.

Sone measurements on rangehoods can vary widely from brand to brand. Some models will list a range of sone ratings instead of just one. This is because each speed of the fan differs in its volume. In general, the higher the sone rating is, the louder the appliance is.

To get an idea of what sone rating is ideal for you, consider that conversations take place around 1 sone. This means that if your rangehood has a sone rating of higher than 1, it would be difficult to hear a conversation if you were standing very close to the appliance when it was on. Normal television volume is about 4 sones. If you have a TV in your kitchen, and the rangehood runs at higher than 4 sones, you would need to watch your television at a higher volume setting.

Although it is normal for all rangehoods to make noise, if your appliance has suddenly become very noisy, it may be a sign that there is a problem. Our fully trained technicians have experience dealing with problematic rangehoods emitting a higher than normal sone rating. To arrange a service appointment for your rangehood, call the Matic Service team on (02) 9709 6188.

Image: rangehoodreview.com