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Stove Repair

Matic Service has been carrying our stove repairs and oven repairs in the inner west for over 45 years. This includes both electric cooktops and gas cooktops, freestanding cookers, multi f­­­unction ovens, wall ovens ( both gas and electric) and underbench ovens (gas and electric). Matic technicians are fully trained by the manufacturers to have available the most up to date information to get those inner west stove and oven repairs completed quickly and efficiently. Most repairs can be completed in your home, and we carry a large range of parts to enable a quick return to cooking. There will be times when the repair cannot be completed on the day. We will keep you informed of any progress, whether it be availability of the occasional part we don’t carry, or we can help with quotes and arrange installation for any replacement stoves, ovens or cooktops.

Tip    If your stove, oven or cooktop is not working, check the fuse box. You may have simply overloaded the circuit and just need to reset the switch. If you are not comfortable attempting this, don’t worry, our technicians are fully qualified electricians and can easily check this for you on the day of the repair

Matic offer flexible payment options for your stove repair. We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash or cheque. We will work with you to arrange the most convenient time for the stove or oven repair. We know that time is important so we will send you an SMS the night before the service to act as both a reminder and an indicator of when our service technician will be at your place for the repair.

Matic Service is based at Bankstown and service the inner west every day so we are only a phone call away.

When you deal with Matic for your stove repair in the inner west, you are dealing with a company dedicated to getting you back cooking as fast as possible – try us!

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