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If the Door on a front load washing machine won’t open…

Check to see if the water has drained out if not it could be that the outlet hose is blocked.Check the hose for any blockages and if possible siphon the water out.If there is no water in the appliance, turn the appliance off at the wall, sometimes this will release the door lock.Usually the main reason for this faulty is there may be a blockage in the drain pump. (see not draining)


My Washing Machine won’t turn on??

Check to see if power cord is plugged into the power point, and the power point works. The power point is usually located on the wall above or next to the appliance. Make sure that the appliance is plug into a power point directly & not into a power board. If it’s plugged into a power board, make sure it hasn’t overloaded and tripped. Check that the power cord is plugged in correctly and make sure it’s not damaged in anyway. Then check the power point itself. An easy way to check the point is to plug is to plug in a small appliance like a hair dryer and make sure it works. If all else fails call Matic for a service.

Washing machine will not empty!?. .

Check to see if the outlet hose is not blocked. The main reason usually is a blockage in the drain pump. The drain pump is located at the bottom of the washing machine on the right or left hand side usually behind a door or cover (see picture). If possible bail the water out first or place a container under the pump insert before removing to catch the water. Remove the filter and check for blockages around the pump impellor. If it still does not work call for a service.

My Washing machine is leaking..

Check the inlet and outlet hoses are not damaged. Check the tap washers are not damaged check the hose fittings are done up tight. Check the door seals are clean and in good condition if it still leaks you will need to call for a service.

Washing machine not filling with water..

Check the taps are turned on and working you can also check the inlet hose is not kinked and the filter washers inside the end of the hoses are not blocked if there is still no water entering you will need to call far for a service.


Washing machine leaving marks on washing..

Check the filter in the drain pump is not dirty remove and clean it. If it is clean. The problem may be insufficient water is entering the machine. Check the taps are turned on and working, plus you can also check the inlet hose is not kinked. Run a hot wash through the machine using some Bi-Carbonate of Soda, and make sure your using a high quality detergent. It may also be that it is not heating you will need to call for a service.


Should I have my Washing Machine Serviced?

We recommend you have your Washing Machine serviced and an electrical safety check every 2 years to keep it in good working order.


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